Saturday, June 27, 2015


Grandview Drive two houses down from Crisler Way (circa 1979)

Hi all,
These posts are my and my neighbor's real life experiences in dealing with this project (and probably others now). I'll post as situations occur. 

Hopefully, they'll provide some "actionable" information and help you avoid wasting time, money, dealing with red herrings, ineffectual lawsuits and dead ends - of which there are many and devious when dealing with the city and land use issues.

If nothing else, it'll help open your eyes to the wonderful world of city government here in the City of Developers. . . er, Angels



People ask this question, without fail, every time this conversation comes up.

" I don't understand! How in the hell can someone build an entire friggin'' street in the middle of a fragile, overcrowded hillside community with the HIGHEST risk of a major fire in the entire city -  without public hearings!! 

Isn't it the law that you have to be notified?"

The short answer is that's a BIG NEGATORY, good buddy - so don't waste any time and energy on this red herring - at least as far as paper streets go. 

May I briefly elucidate. 

It would appear that those rascals at the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety have the discretionary power to decide if a project needs a haul route hearing or not- and they can do it behind closed doors without any input from the community! 

How do you like them apples?

If LADBS decides to make the decision to apply this procedure (or whatever it is in actuality) to a project, as they have done with Crisler Way, three things happen:

1. There will be no haul route hearing, or apparently any other type of hearing either.
2. NO hearing ergo NO notice.
3. No one in the neighborhood will know about it until the bulldozers move in. 

This scenario, which we are trying learn more about, so obviously favors developers that it gives the appearance of criminal activity, needs to be investigated and changed. I'll keep you updated on this little procedure as we get more facts - which is another story I'll deal with in later posts. Facts seem to be very difficult to obtain from city departments. I wonder why?

The only way to fix this is to change the city government procedures that allow this to happen. The only way that will occur is if we the people get off our butts and force the change - and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


I was going to sign off on this right here, but I just received some information I think I should share with you to let you (who haven't been affected by this city procedure yet) see what this means to the neighborhood - unless, of course you're a developer, then you'' love it.

I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut the city pulled the same thing here. Looks like this could happen on every paper street in the city unless the process is changed.

Our neighbors over on Viewmont have now live with this thanks to LADBS's 
"stealth" policies regarding development.

This was a stand of pine trees and a wildlife corridor three months ago - THREE MONTHS!! This will happen to Grandview drive if the developer's allowed to build Crisler Way.

They're comin'



  1. I want to take action .........any suggestions on what to do?

    Click on the above link and sign th petition